What we did

Capitalmind Investec actively supported Coolworld as exclusive M&A advisor along the entire sell-side process: marketing materials, screening and selection of the relevant strategic and financial buyers through a competitive process, management of the due diligence and negotiation of terms and conditions of the deal plus ultimate closing of the transaction.

About the deal

Coolworld Rentals is a cooling and heating equipment rental orgnisation with current locations in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. Coolworld operates in diverse market segments, including food, retail, pharma, chemicals, logistics, and data centres, where advanced climate technologies are becoming increasingly important. Solutions are provided via four product groups: (1) cold storage rooms and freezers, (2) process cooling, (3) climate control and (4) heating. Furthermore, the company offers ‘special projects’, engineering unique and ad-hoc solutions.

Gimv PE is a European investment company with almost four decades’ experience of investing in private companies. Listed on Euronext Brussels since 1997, Gimv manages around 1.6 billion EUR invested in about 50 portfolio companies

Target Headquarter
March 2019