About the deal

Uroviva is the leading medical services group in the Swiss urology segment. Based on strong growth over the last decade, it is a unique platform to implement a buy & build strategy and further consolidate the Swiss market in this attractive medical sector. In partnership with ECM who has a very successful track record in the field of healthcare services, Uroviva will continue to address the increasing needs of an ageing population and follow its growth strategy by opening new urological practices and acquiring existing ones. The founders of Uroviva are convinced of the opportunities from the new partnership and thus remain invested as well as actively support the further development and growth of the company.

With more than 26’000 treatments per year, Uroviva is the leading independent urology player in Switzerland. The group is composed of a specialized clinic and a network of 9 practices in the canton of Zurich. A team of 21 highly qualified doctors with complementary sub-specializations cover the entire range of urological treatments from examinations to complex surgeries using the latest technologies.

ECM has extensive experience in implementing growth as well as buy & build strategies in the medical field. For instance, Dermatologikum Hamburg, one of Europe’s largest private specialist institutions for the diagnosis and therapy of skin diseases, started its first foreign locations with the support of ECM in September 2017 with the opening of the Dermatologikum Zürich and in December 2017 with the opening of the Dermatologikum Wien.

What we did

Capitalmind Investec acted as exclusive financial advisor to Uroviva. Based on a good relationship and deep understanding of the goals and strategy of the owners of Uroviva, Capitalmind Investec established a strong mutual trust basis between both parties and thus enabled a fair and swift transaction. Capitalmind Investec led and coordinated the entire transaction process until closing. The transaction highlights Capitalmind Investecs’ expertise in the healthcare services sector and strength in establishing sustainable entrepreneurial solutions for its clients.

Target Headquarter
December 2017