What we did

We actively supported SYLPA throughout the acquisition process: from the first talks with ENTRA, to valuation and structuring guidance, preparation and negotiation of the letter of intent, execution support, management of the due diligence, and assistance in the final negotiations.

Our debt advisory team helped arrange financing, using senior bank debt and also additional equity from SYLPA’s shareholders. .

SYLPA has been working closely with Capitalmind Investec since the acquisition of ETT in 2006, led by Pascal Fournet-Fayard. This latest transaction is the sixth that we have jointly completed.

About the deal

SYLPA Group is a recognized specialist in electrical engineering, installation and maintenance – in strong and weak currents. The company has grown strongly in recent years, and now generates approx. 30M€ in annual revenues and employs more than 150 people.

The group operates across three sites in France, and works for the largest public and private clients. It is positioned for both new-build and renovation projects – small works & maintenance, transportation, HV/LV electrical networks, and also public lighting.

ENTRA Group is a dedicated specialist in electrical engineering, founded in 1945. The business has positioned itself on public lighting projects, as well as tertiary electrical installations in weak and strong currents. The group has facilities in the Paris suburbs of Cergy and Aubervilliers, and also in Montreuil, through its subsidiary IECF, which specializes in low-current electrical installations. The group generates around 25M€ in annual revenues and employs 150+ people.

Target Headquarter
May 2017